This is she.

Grace is a normal youth. Except she's not. During the early 90s, baby Grace was abandoned and left for dead in a tragic quilting accident, where a flock of Pandas found her and took her away to live in their community.

She has been taking photos since she was a young child, on a blue and purple Hippo camera, which today is of unknown location. Grace's life really began when she discovered Photoshop, which she today uses for photo editing, or as she calls it, her happy place. At the age of 14 the Pandas gave Grace her first SLR camera, which she still uses today to document her pretty uneventful life.

She is also overly affected by font choices and colour schemes. She hates Comic Sans and all it stands for (whilst recognising its use and original success. It’s still gross). It's hard for her not to lose the plot and make everything the same 3 colours to fit the scheme.

Grace's hobbies include photography, colouring in, wishing she had a bike, making things, listening to music, talking, buying and devoting herself to design magazines, subsequently designing things, finding the weird and wonderful, editing photos, watching films and drinking chocolate milk.

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